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– Amazon Reviewer -5 Stars

This review is from: Black Girl’s Guide to Winning at Love & Life (Retitled 2nd Edition) (Kindle Edition)

I really enjoyed reading this book. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It gave me new insight in what our black women are going thru today. I have a daughter and when she gets old enough it will be a must read for her. I definitely recommend this book to single, dating or even married women. It will only enlighten and give you more tools to succeed in any relationship. Even men could learn a thing or two from this book. I look forward to Stephanie’s next book.

By Me

There is nothing better than receiving positive reviews for your work. As a writer it makes you feel as if your not just writing for your own edification but that you’re effecting, changing and impacting people’s lives if even in a small way.

I’m looking forward to more great reviews from friends, fans and new readers.

Signed ~ the Super Sistah

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About the Author

Stephanie Small, Sistah & Superhero! Author, Educator, Personal Growth Coach & wannabe Superhero! Author of Black Girl's Guide to Winning at Love & Life! (Available on Amazon.com, B&N and Kobo)
  • Harper

    Question? Are you married or in a relationship? I know the answer to that question is no. Then how is it possible for you to write a “guide” on how to win at something you don’t even possess? I thought experts write “guides to” and “how to books” as their expertise (as in experience or scholastic studies) is what they advise others about. So, super sistah…what exactly are you winning at besides a childless, man-less, and lonely life? Oh yeah, you are winning at a career, right? Does that career keep you warm at night? Does it take you out to dinner and tell you you’re beautiful? Does it show you love and affection? Does it lend a shoulder for you to cry on when you’re broken? I would like to further comment on your blog about women adoring men. I agree, men like to be adored and if you did your due diligence to your writing craft the findings of your research would also validate that statement. I suggest you step down off that high ass throne of narcissism you are sitting on and remove that self-placed crown off your head and get real with yourself. In order to be taken serious, your advice has to at least been tried by you before you publish a book advising other individuals how to win at something that hasn’t even worked for you! In the famous words of Tamar Braxton…girl, have several seats!


    • Where to start, sigh. So much venom and we haven’t even met. Have we? Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter, you have an opinion and you are entitled to it. I believe all sisters are super which is the point and purpose of this site so I try my best not to fight, belittle or insult women just because their opinions are different than mine. That would make me a bully which apparently you are.

      Friend, if you’d read the book, the first line, the first paragraph, anything, you’d know very early in the text that I don’t claim to be an expert of anything except the human heart, mine specifically. I tell my readers that I wrote this book not just for them but for me. I share my experiences, my fears, my triumphs and my struggles. This book is about winning against heartbreak, fear, pain, disappointment and any other human emotion that threatens to break our hearts and our lives apart.

      I win everyday because I have triumphed over every obstacle that has been put in my way. Can you say the same? My goal is to help women of color and that begins with being a woman of peace and poise and a woman of God who is full of grace. I win because I don’t let the envy, hatred or hurtful words of others get me down.

      Thanks for the comment, the cruelty and the assumptions about my personal life. You ended with a quote from Tamar Braxton, if she’s your intellectual equal, well, there is no more to say is there?



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