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Unmasking the Masked Crusader, the Super Sistah Revealed

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I’m feeling bare, stripped, curiously naked and exposed. I’m addicted to privacy and have been from my youth; but there is a time for the dark and there is a time to let the light in. Besides the Superhero aspect of my pseudonym and all its inherent fabulousness, the mask of the Super Sistah appealed to the Clark Kent inside of me. I could be the studious, academic, introvert that is me but I could also switch to my gregarious, irreverent and theatrical side when the inclination arose. Existing behind a mask gave me a certain kind of freedom; I could say what I wanted and do what I wanted without risking censure or criticism.  After all, anything that was said against me was not said to my true self, the one I saw every day, but to my counterfeit and copy whose ego was not as easily bruised. But what happens when looking out through the world from behind a mask doesn’t suit? What happens when you have something critical and life changing to say? Can you send your representative to preach the message on your behalf? The Super inside of me said no and the real me agreed.

For a woman who likes privacy letting the world see my true self, without my protective layer, was scary. I had anxiety about how I would be perceived. I came across Michelle Obama at her conservative best if random strangers are to be believed, but inside I was all Halle Berry as Cat Woman— feral and fabulously decked out in leather spandex. In the end I had to choose; the safety of my masked crusader secret identity or to realize a lifelong dream. The dream of reaching women of color on a larger platform. I chose the dream and that dream has grown beyond the need for anonymity and the confines of my blog. My blog readers have encouraged me and inspired me. Their issues and anxieties and their struggles with life and relationships have led to a book, a belief and a movement. The relationship, dating and self-help guide: Black Girl’s Guide to Winning at Love & Life. Between the pages, the message is irreverent, funny and infuriating but offers real guidance and counsel for rebuilding black women and their relationships. Despite the book description, it’s not about the other girl, it’s about us. It’s a boot camp, tough-love guide for how, as women of color, we can help and heal each other and succeed. So I’m going naked, nude and as bare as the day I was born to introduce my fans to the real me. The me without the mask. Hello everyone, Stephanie here.

Are you hiding behind a mask? Have you ever made the fear of exposing your true self get in the way of your destiny?



  • Babyboomerwrites.wordpress.com

    Hi super sistah,
    What do you know, a white girl to write you first, hope you’re not to disappointed 😉
    I think you got a great idea, keep up the good work.
    You know, there’s plenty of white girls sitting in a corner needing some talking too, but yes, I know the black man is attractive to the white girl as well. How about the reverse? Any ideas about hooking up with white guys? or Asians with black girls? Just saying….does it matter?
    We are who we are and have to make the best of it, each in their corner and together.


  • Hey there Johanna, welcome. I actually have quite a few non-black readers. As you stated, everyone needs some talking too and many of my blog posts apply to the masses. I invite you to continue to visit here. Yes, black men are yummy to all races and we should all be able to love who we want. I encourage you to pick up a copy of the book when it comes out, despite the title, the message is less about separation and more about coming together.

    You’re Super and take care.


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