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Black Girls Rock?

With shame and regret I admit that when it aired the first time I missed it. I forgot it was on. I didn’t watch it as I should have but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a comment on the commentary floating around the internet pertaining to the show Black Girl Rock. Lord, help me […]

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Show me the bling, show me the ring or else! Whoa there. I know good men are scarce, rent aint cheap and bad ass kids are hard to raise by our lonesome. As women we want a man in the home so when we yell out, honey I’m home, someone besides the wall will hear. […]

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Lady Killer

Do you have T&A (tits and ass for those who don’t text)? If you do you might as well mark a red X on your back because you’re going down?  Some women don’t like other women, so much so that without provocation they’re always in the process of plotting a sister’s downfall and demise. Most […]

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Fight for Your Life

If you’re like most women then there have been times when you’ve woken up in a cold sweat wondering in a daze why your life wasn’t going as you’d planned? If you are anywhere north of twenty then this has happened more than once. In those times you’ve questioned why everyone else had the luxury […]

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Super Save a Hoe

Some women are hoes. Capital H.O.E. ‘How you gonna write about empowerment and call women derogatory names?’ I can hear the criticism ringing in my ears. My response is that we can’t pretend that some women aren’t a little bit too free. I said it and mi nah tek back no talk which in patois […]

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A Little Bit Lesbian

I love the ladies.  There, I’ve admitted it. I’ve said it out loud and I’m not ashamed. Stop!  I know what you’re thinking.  Take your mind out of the gutter! Erase mental images of me dominating some delicate chick half my size. The Super likes men with muscles. I’m curious about the bulge behind Adam’s […]

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